New magic rituals: subconscious techniques

New magic rituals: subconscious techniques 1.5

Interactive multimedia software for self-improvement and solving...

Interactive multimedia software for self-improvement and solving personal problems. This program uses the most up-to-date psychological techniques (neuro-linguistic programming, BSFF, aspectics, new code, reality transferring).

It has a comfortable interface and interactive multimedia. Despite the magic environment of the program, it is not traditional magic at all. It is magic of a new level.

This program is only starting its development and all our users will soon be able to get updates for further self-improvement. This product is a complete innovation and there is no software like this.

Main features: - a comfortable multimedia shell - an attractive magic interface - built-in technologies helping to achieve a state of a light trance - work with subconscious processes in the brain, which gives a more stable result - a high level of interactivity and visualization of all processes used in techniques- a new level of psychological methods and techniques proved to be good for yearsYou will make good use of our software: - if you are trying to become a better person, get rid of personal problems, encourage yourself to continue self-improvement - if you are set on changing your life for the better - if you are sick and tired of numerous problems in communicating with other people and even probably of being overweight or constantly broke.

- if you are too busy to read dozens of books on psychology and want to get results really fast- if you lack diligence, motivation or continuous training.

Those who buy the program before August 1, 2008 will get a magic screensaver for free! Features in the new version: 4 slideshow types for getting into a slight trance (nature, space, magic symbols and meditation); more than 90 slideshow images; text for effective meditation; trance audio tracks; 13 categories of symbols (more than 100 images of everything) for working with undesirable emotions and reframing; 2 categories of frames for reframing with 12 images in each; adding the goal achievement date, a symbol (100 most popular symbolic images of various goals), steps, achieved wishes (emotions, feelings) to each goal; 2 animations for working with problems (the stamp and the magic wand); protecting data with a password; 39 motivational aphorisms as tooltips; comfortable and visual help.

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New magic rituals: subconscious techniques


New magic rituals: subconscious techniques 1.5

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